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Lubbock Angel Network seeks to spur local economic growth and establish Lubbock as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.
The first formal angel group in Lubbock, Texas, the Lubbock Angel Network (LAN) was formed in January 2015 as a means to provide seed and support capital for innovative startups in West Texas and beyond. From its founding, LAN partnered with Texas Tech University and the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) to forge a strategic partnership to spur local economic growth. LAN seeks high-quality deals and healthy returns on investment.

Lubbock Angel Network is a proud member of the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks.

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Houston, Texas

Onit was founded in 2011 and focused on project management software to modernize the legal industry. As Onit has grown and their team has advanced their platform has also evolved, now providing a disruptive software solution that is bridging the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement. Onit is transforming the way Fortune 500 companies and billion dollar legal departments driver operational process improvements. Onit helps customers find gains in efficiency, reduce costs, and complete transactions more quickly.

Morris Plains, NJ

Bergen Medical Products’ flagship product ACTABOND is a topical skin adhesive and application pen build with surgeons in mind. It provides superior ergonomics, hassle-free activation, and intuitive control. ACTABOND utilizes no glass in the activation of the adhesive eliminating the risk of glass shard penetration or clogging. ACTABOND has been proven as a superior adhesive product and superior delivery system over its competitors.

Austin, Texas

Based in Austin, TX, Still Austin Whiskey is the first whiskey distillery in Austin proper since prohibition. Still Austin opened the doors of their tasting room and event space in September 2017 and will continue to serve wholesale customers as they age their product and prepare for bottled sales in 2019.

Fort Worth, TX

e-Mist provides a disruptive technology in institutional disinfecting with a delivery system for electrostatically charged disinfectant. The EM360 Electrostatic Spray System offers hospitals, schools, and other institutions an affordable, quiet, no-wipe system for disinfecting surfaces. The EM360 sprays a charged mist with droplets smaller than the diameter of a human hair, providing far better coverage, reducing chemical and labor costs and working up to three times faster than other delivery systems.

Albuquerque, NM

Enthentica manufactures microchips with Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs). This revolutionary hardware advancement allows for the production of random but reproducible bitstrings on an integrated circuit. Enthentica’s products provide unbreakable security vital to the protection of the supply chain. In essence, Enthentica puts security in the DNA of the chip itself, where the keys can’t be hacked or stolen.

Lubbock, TX

The Growers Information Services Cooperative offers a platform that harnesses the power of data analytics in the agriculture industry to maximize the value of production operations. GiSC is grower-owned providing producers worldwide with digital data tools through strategic partnerships such as Main Street Data and IBM.

Lubbock, TX

MicroZap is a low-level microwave emission system that can be used to destroy bacteria in food, significantly extending shelf-life by dramatically slowing the degradation process without affecting flavor or texture. Borne out of research conducted at Texas Tech University, MicroZap is most notably effective in the extension of the shelf-life of bread products including sliced bread, tortillas, and other baked goods. The impact for large baked good producers is astronomical when considering sell-through times and supply chain demands both of standard and especially high-end products.

Denver, CO

P2Bi teams up with businesses to provide flexible, scalable, asset-backed lines of credit on an easy-to-use platform. They seek to close the funding gap between healthy, growing businesses with assets and traditional commercial lending with a new type of financing. P2Bi makes it easier for financial institutions and investors to fund growing companies through an innovative platform, and provide access to a marketplace of lenders for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pleasanton, CA

Sandstone Diagnostics assists couples with an affordable and non-invasive fertility testing system for men to be used in the comfort of their own home. Trak Fertility allows men to test their reproductive health, track results over time, and offers personalized guidance with data-driven health and lifestyle insights to improve male fertility.

Lubbock, TX

SitePro is a digital oilfield solutions provider focused on developing real-time cloud-based software solutions to optimize management of the full water life-cycle. Since launching in 2012, SitePro has become one of the fastest growing automation solutions in the nation. They are the forerunner in automation software for the upstream oil and gas industry, offering a logistical advantage for energy’s modern age to meet the digital technology needs of the industry. SitePro was built for the energy industry by a team who understands the oilfield and the need to reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and production.

Austin, TX

NuPark is a parking management platform borne out of research and proof-of-concept at Texas Tech University. Their platform allows customers to streamline and automate parking operations to increase efficiency and accuracy, implement consistent processes, and eliminate uncertainty for permitting, verification, and enforcement. NuPark delivers operational insights in real time to facilitate efficient decision-making in asset utilization. They also provide back-office systems, parking equipment, and third-party solutions allowing a real-time approach to parking operations.

Lubbock, TX

TitleFlow offers an end-to-end solution to chain title and calculate ownership interest in a single platform. Their patented software automates title calculations and offers options to manage and store projects and deliver reports. TitleFlow is poised to completely disrupt the oil and gas title industry providing more efficient use of time and resources for companies, title attorneys, and landmen.

Austin, TX

UnaliWear has been called “OnStar for people.” They provide discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and guard against wandering loved ones through a classically-styled watch featuring an easy-to-use speech interface. The Kanega watch has built in cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, BLE, and an accelerometer for fall detection. Additionally, the watch includes data-driven AI to learn the wearer’s lifestyle.

Austin, TX

International travel is a powerful medium for learning, connection and personal growth, but often times it seems inaccessible.Unboundly was founded to make international travel accessible for everyone, which began by challenging the travel industry’s “one size fits all” approach.Their travel platform is laser-focused on you. On understanding who you are, what you care about, and how we can help you discover the world on your terms.

Seattle, WA

VICIS is set to disrupt the helmet industry and drive the next generation of safety equipment at all levels of football. The VICIS Zero1 Helmet is a highly-engineered football helmet designed to reduce impact forces. It is the culmination of a three year, $20M research and development effort shaped by some of the world’s leading athletes, engineers, and neurosurgeons.

Oklahoma City, OK

Vigilant Aerospace’s product, FlightHorizon, provides individual unmanned aircraft pilots, autopilots and airspace managers with a complete situational awareness and detect-and-avoid system, integrating data from aviation transponders, airborne and ground-based radar, and other sources to provide airspace visualization, air traffic warnings and autonomous avoidance commands. The system is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and prototype which has been the subject of extensive flight testing.

Austin, TX

Zive turns the most used enterprise applications into full-featured native desktop and mobile applications. This is enabled by its unique Zive Development Platform, which allows this entirely new kind of application for the enterprise cloud. The flagship product, Kiwi for Gmail, is essentially “Outlook for Gmail,” and boasts active users in 140 countries.

Denver, CO

The Rockies Venture Fund is an Angel Stage co-investment Fund with a focus on seed investments in Colorado growth companies. The Fund focuses on companies that have early exit potential, but will reserve 50% of the Fund for follow-on. The life-cycle of the Fund anticipates complete liquidation within ten years or less. The total Fund size is expected to be between $5 million and $10 million with an investor mix of angel and institutional investors.

Chicago, IL

TenantCloud brings tools to landlords, so they can find valuable ways of turning the rentals into a multi-million dollar business. They created a free cloud service with personal portals for Landlords, Tenants, and ServicePros where they can pay and collect rent online, communicate, store rental info, upload move-in/out pictures, manage maintenance requests, and many more.

Austin, TX

Curb works like a brain, processing electricity data, detecting trends, and making recommendations to improve your home. Curb’s product plugs in as close to the source as possible, the breaker box. Providing analytics and usage data for the most customizable energy use plan and statistics on the market.


Just as Lubbock, Texas is a unique blend of people and industries, the Lubbock Angel Network includes investors with a broad cross-section of expertise. Membership in LAN leverages a network of sophisticated and connected professionals, connection to the Lubbock economic development community, and inclusion in Lubbock’s burgeoning entrepreneurship ecosystem. Organized private capital is vital to building a strong base of startup activity in any community, LAN is proud to provide that for Lubbock entrepreneurs and to partner with Texas Tech, LEDA, and local businesses as part of a system of support for our entrepreneurship community.
LAN Sponsors Make Our Work Possible
LAN is the only form of organized capital for venture investing in Lubbock, Texas and one of the few sources in West Texas. By having a source of capital for entrepreneurs available locally, LAN provides a key component in keeping our best entrepreneurs and startups here in our region. We believe in innovation and collaboration and as a non-profit organization, we strive to meet and work with local entrepreneurs to help cultivate their business, provide guidance and connect them with resources in the community to help their businesses thrive.
LAN seeks to fund entrepreneurs who are building great startups in Lubbock, around Texas, and across the country. We seek to partner with our portfolio companies to build their brand leveraging the expertise of our membership, our network, and through our multiple syndication partners both in the Texas Alliance of Angel Networks and across the country.

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